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Three Trends in Business Networking

By Kuulei Stockman

In today’s world, there are so many ways to “connect” with businesses – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. “So what’s next?” you ask.

Several experts believe that there are three business networking trends that will affect the way we do business: Integration, Education, and Association/Groups. 

Integration - “What’s next?” IS the big question. How do business owners maximize on these connections and turn these contacts into viable prospects and eventually loyal clients? 

There are many who prefer face-to-face networking. However, many also believe that it’s good business practice to combine it with social media. This co-existence of efforts can create a potentially strong pay-off in procuring new clients.

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Turn Every Introduction Into a Meaningful One

By Kuulei Stockman

 When meeting a prospective client, how often are people introduced by their job title? Almost always! This is a very natural approach, but it really doesn’t give you much to go on – especially if you’re looking to nurture a long-term business relationship (and not just at the networking event’s cocktail hour!). 

 People are much more than their job title, and an effort should be made to look beyond that and learn more about the “person.” Introducing people in a different manner other than their job titles lends to creativity and a livelier, engaging, and interesting conversation. So how does one go about doing this?

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"I look forward to getting in front of prospects that will value our services and grow our brand in the greater Metro area."

Tim Robinson, Vantage Point Solutions

"I had a very enjoyable time at the latest BizConnect event; it was social and easy to connect with people. BizConnect is a part of my networking strategy."

Jeremy Zissman, CPA Strategies Group)


 Member Spotlight

Mari Ganapathy, CEO

We at Senaissance Software provide holistic web and mobile solutions to businesses to generate and drive more leads and enhance ROI. We believe in Mobile Responsiveness, so that your website is ready for any user on any device. We believe in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your business can easily and effortlessly be found by your clients. We believe in Social Media Management, taking the work out of keeping in contact with your clients on any platform. We believe in Cloud Computing, keeping costs low to us so they’re low to you. We believe in technology, security, and safety, and we believe in the power of any budget. No matter how big or small our clients will have a custom website designed specifically to meet their needs. 

Our ideal client is small- and medium-sized businesses who want to minimize their IT expenses by outsourcing their website and mobile development and support services to us. 

Our interests include helping more non-profit and green businesses grow and supporting local community businesses in the Gaithersburg and Germantown area. 

BizConnect can help us through informing its members about our Free Website Evaluation promotion we are holding for the month of August. Our website is

Our advice to other companies is: Network, network, network! Networking events can sometimes be a drag or down-right exhausting after some time. It is not about the quantity of people you meet at an event, but the quality of the relationships built. Take the time to genuinely get to know one or two people who you find interesting in some way and connect like two old friends.