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Never Forget the "Social" in Social Selling!

By Kuulei Stockman

In our March 26 Newsletter, we shared the different social media platforms that businesses use to promote their products and services. In this day and age, this is probably one of the fast-growing means by which to get your business’ name out in the universe.

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Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.

– Earl Wilson (Professional baseball pitcher)


Mondays Can Be Incredible!

By Kuulei Stockman

I know what you’re thinking. Mondays are everything that roses, sunny days, and
happiness are not! They’re the emotional splinter that you just can’t remove. Even if you love your job, it’s not easy gearing up for another work week. 

Don’t worry; no one’s to blame. Unfortunately, Mondays were set up to be the commonly hated days ever since anyone can remember. BUT … it doesn’t have to be this way! How about some simple ideas to help make Monday as great as Friday? 

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"I look forward to getting in front of prospects that will value our services and grow our brand in the greater Metro area."

Tim Robinson, Vantage Point Solutions

"I had a very enjoyable time at the latest BizConnect event; it was social and easy to connect with people. BizConnect is a part of my networking strategy."

Jeremy Zissman, CPA Strategies Group)

Late But Not Sorry

I was in Chicago on business. Both the Windy City and New York are complicated for me, because having lived 20 years in each place, I find it tough to schedule meetings around social obligations. But Meg, whom I hadn’t met, was persistent, and we made a dinner date. 

I got there at 6:00PM and no Meg. At 6:45PM I figured Meg was a no-show so I ordered sesame noodles. Five minutes later a lady matching Meg’s description came in the door. Not wanting her to feel guilty for her late arrival, I told a white lie of omission. “Forgive me for ordering,” I said. “I was starved.” 

“That’s fine,” said Meg. “I’m an hour late anyway.” That was it - no apology, no explanation. "You know how it is," she said. No, I actually didn’t know, and I made a quick exit. 

Moral: When you extend a networking invitation, be on time. If you’re running late, call and say so.




May 13, 2015 (Wednesday)
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Bethesda, MD
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BizConnect is an online business matching service. Join us and meet serious business owners and executives and build new relationships.

 Member Spotlight:

Steve Klein


Steve’s passion is helping others. He fulfills this by assisting professionals and families “finance their dreams!” If you haven’t already guessed, Steve is in the mortgage business. He works with Capital One Bank. In his own words, “The mortgage process can be very daunting and my job is to guide you through this exciting and challenging time.”

Because of this, one of Steve’s major objectives is to keep clients informed “EVERY STEP OF THE WAY” through these overwhelming and sometimes intimidating procedures such as educating people on the loan process, qualifying for the right size loan, completing a loan application, providing required supporting documentation, and approving loans in a timely manner. His typical clients are first-time home buyers, those who want to upgrade to a larger home or purchase a second one, professionals interested in rental/investment properties, and refinancing.

Steve indicated that BizConnect helps him grow his business through its networking events. There, he has the opportunity to meet new people, who he can help, and in turn, refer to others in different businesses that may need their particular expertise. Steve was asked if he had any advice to help others grow their business and he quickly replied, “Listen!”

On a personal note, Steve is a man of diverse interests. But first, let’s congratulate him on becoming a grandfather to his first grandchild! He’s also an avid reader, likes to travel, loves dining out, and is a Certified Scuba Diver. He also wrote an ebook based on helping people save money and avoid getting “taken” by insurance companies. Due to an unpleasant experience with a cop “with an attitude,” his newest mission is to help people fight speeding tickets! He’ll soon be launching a new website